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S-Imago models compared

Please see the comparison table that lets you compare various characteristics and features of the S-Imago hardware and software package. We are comparing S-Imago 60, S-Imago 100 and S-Imago 500. You can read in more detail about each of the models on their description page.

S-Imago device operated with Imago software installed S-Imago 60 S-Imago 100 S-Imago 500
Comprehensive analysis of metabolic equilibrium (homeostasis)
Detecting a disease already present in the body, as well as determination of its possible cause

Detecting the risk of developing any disease

Measuring the activity of microflora

Performing accurate microflora analysis, biochemical blood analysis and other noninvasive kinds of analysis that allow detecting presents of dangerous bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

Analyzing how much the patient it predisposed to some health problem

Detecting potential allergens in the body

Helping to detect and distinguish between organic and functional changes in the patient's organs

Analyzing acid/alkaline balance in the body

Providing recommendations on the diet most suitable for the patient based the blood type (products to consume and exclude)

Tailoring the treatment to the needs of the patient and determine the most efficient dose of the medicine required (by using the bio-resonance chamber)

Medical assessment and prognosis for one and 5 years
Efficient bio-resonance treatment (individual MORA therapy)
Detection of organ yin-yang energy
Contributing to positive organic and functional changes
Determining the stage of a pathology
Dietary recommendations based on the blood type
Determining foods that are good and have to be excluded
Measuring the level of toxic stress
S-Imago Interface modules S-Imago 60 S-Imago 100 S-Imago 500
SBA detector module 60 100 500
Level of accuracy 86% 90% 94%
SBA module + quasi-stabilizing sensors
Block of floating generator
Digital filter module
10-60000 Hz 2*10-100000 Hz
Analog filter module
Automatic calibration module 2 3 3
IPP and BRB sensors
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