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S-Imago configuration

Below you can see the configuration of diagnostic hardware-software set S-Imago 100. We placed this model because of it's popularity and similarity both with S-60 and S-500. Differences between S-60 and S-500 you can see on pages of these models.
Complex S-Imago 100

  1. Interface block with integrated sensors. (2 magnetooptical chambers)
    Interface block with integrated sensors
  2. Head synchronization device (HSD) with SBA sensors.
    Head synchronization device
  3. Cylindrical bipolar sensor-electrode.
  4. Plain electrode with the adaptor.
    Plain electrode with the adaptor
  5. Quantum-optical modulating electrode (QOM).
    Quantum-optical modulating electrode
  6. USB-key.
    USB key
  7. Connecting cables with computer ports (COM and USB).
  8. Connecting cable to cylindrical bipolar sensor-electrode.
    Connecting cable to cylindrical bipolar sensor-electrode
  9. Remote line adapter.
  10. Passport.
  11. CDs with software and video lessons.
  12. Transporting bag.
  13. Hygienic covers for headphones.
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