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S-Imago 60 (70)

This diagnostic device has been specially designed for distribution companies involved in testing new dietary supplements. S-Imago 60 (70) is economy class device modification.

S-Imago 60 and S-Imago 70 models are identical and have the same range of functions. The difference between the two lies in their certificates: S-Imago 60 model is made to comply with the highest standards of the EU and has CE certificate of safety.

S-Imago 60 (70) allows performing Imago diagnosing and testing medicinal specimen, such as dietary supplements, allopathic, homeopathic, phyto-therapeutic and other remedies made by different companies. The device comes with a full-color magneto-optical chamber, that way allowing accurate testing of medicinal preparations that come in a dark package. The screen displays the following: current mode during info-energetic exposure to the device, visual interpretation of the results of the patient's express diagnosing, as well as the nature of the problem. The device offers a database of chromosomes, cell elements, three-dimensional organ models, biometric data and high potency homeopathic remedies. S-Imago 60 (70) represents an updated model of S-Imago 3c, with trigger sensor substituted by a more efficient bi-stable analyzing system of the third level. The device can detect the configuration on the spot, while the card index can be saved on an external data storage device. Also features an LCD display to show confidential information to the person operating the device.

The device is programmed to work with IMAGO software.

Level of accuracy: 86%.

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