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S-Imago 500 (510)

S-Imago 500 (510) is the most advanced model of the product range classified as business class equipment.

S-Imago 500 and S-Imago 510 models are the same, with identical set of features and characteristics. The only way they are different is certification: S-Imago 500 is manufactured in compliance with highest standards of the EU and has CE certificate of safety.

S-Imago 500 (510) operates at a high and ultra-high frequency and features a 'floating' generator. It provides for efficient patient-device communication regardless of the prevailing brain hemisphere activity (left or right hemisphere). The device comes with a special bi-polar electrode  and quantum-optical modulator working in two modes. The advanced magneto-optical chamber provides for reliable testing of many medical agents except those packaged in foil. The device also features a special myo-relaxation mode, negative information resetting and auto scanning.

The new system of bi-stable analyzers substituted the trigger sensors featured in the previous models, and the sensors are set to work in three different modes. Rough tuning involves the system calibrating the sensors based on the environment, geographic positioning and frequency characteristics of the examinant. Intermediary tuning involves the system calibrating the sensors according to the biological radiation of the patient, while fine tuning involves the system calibrating the sensors after analyzing their status every time before examination. The patient's medical history can be encoded and stored on external data storage devices. The device carries a range of 13 frequencies to be selected from. Also features an LCD display to show confidential information to the person operating the device.

The device is programmed to work with IMAGO software.

The level of accuracy is 94%.

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