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S-Imago 100 (110)

S-Imago 100 (110) is the most popular model in terms of its price, efficiency and high quality. Represents average price segment.

S-Imago 100 and S-Imago 110 models are exactly the same, with identical set of features and characteristics. The only way they are different is certification: S-Imago 100 is manufactured in compliance with highest standards of the EU and has CE certificate of safety.

S-Imago 100 (110) is currently the most popular model with customers. It combines mobility with all the standard features of stationary equipment, which means you can use it for visiting the patient on site and operating the device on the premises.

S-Imago 100 (110) operates at a high frequency and features sensors that react to turning of the head for receiving up biological feedback during the examination, as well as detector of brain activity that works based on the magnetic field. The device features an extra magneto-optical chamber for testing medical specimens. The virtual card index is encrypted for better protection and can be copied to an external data storage device. The device can automatically detect the preset configuration of the external units by applying auto scanning mode. Can operate without entering the patient's symptoms, and the range of frequencies has been expanded to 13. For binaural beats, the device features four half-tone overtones.

The device is programmed to work with IMAGO software.

The level of accuracy is 90%.

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