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Plan of learning

The following is available during our special training program:

  • Introduction, theoretical lecture on bio-resonance and its main principles. Introduction to electromagnetic, biological and physical aspects of diagnosing and therapy.
  • Equipment overview, means of communication with the patient during examination.
  • Collecting data from the patient for accurate diagnosing.
  • Software introduction: card index, entering data, testing, interpreting the result of the examination, individual selection of treatment, comparison of drugs and determining the best combination of them for the patient to benefit, preparation of spectronosodes, as well as basic information on MORA-therapy.
  • Basic information on working with a variety of medical preparations.
  • Working with equipment: assembling it on site, connecting the device to the computer, installing the software package. Operating the device and troubleshooting.

Business and management training:

  • Selecting personnel, including medical personnel, managers, administrators, programmers etc.
  • Looking for the right property to rent or purchase to start your medical center.
  • Introduction to expected investment and profits from the use of our equipment.
  • Promoting your business over the Internet and getting more customers.
  • Overview of business methods to turn new customers into regulars.
  • Useful advice for increasing your sales and making profit.
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