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Operation principle

The device is used to conduct express diagnosing of the way the body functions, examining its reproductive, digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrinal and respiratory systems. It also offers the benefits of bio-resonance therapy by giving inverted nosodes and other tailored medicinal preparations made in a special magneto-optical chamber.

Express diagnosing involves three stages:

  • Retrieval of data required
  • Analyzing the data for preliminary diagnosis
  • Individual selection of medications to relieve tension

This is how data is analyzed:

Electrical activity in the brain may not be easy to detect, but the method is based on the knowledge that sound, electromagnetic stimulation and visual stimulation activate the vegetative system, letting the device pick up the necessary signals. Signals received as a result of that are then transformed digitally to be processed by the computer and displayed in the form of multi-colored dots for this information to be read and interpreted by the practitioner later.

The way the dots are arranged and their color are based on how intense the incoming brain signal is. It gives a clear picture of the way the patient's body functions – general health state, level of stress and any detected pathological changes.

The next stage of express diagnosing is the diagnosis itself. The idea is to compare the data collected from the patient against samples of diseases (their nosological forms) and find a match or exclude the possibility of certain diseases present. The software installed allows conducting comprehensive diagnosis by offering linear and entropy analysis, as well as creating graphic imagery based on the data collected from the patient in the course of diagnosing. That way, the program helps the device operator to analyze the state of the entire body, as well as check every organ and determine if there are any inconsistencies, which may be caused by a pathological process.

How reliable the diagnosis is depends on a range of factors that have to be taken into consideration. The data compared against the examples in the database of the device is interpreted individually, depending on how closely it matches the descriptions. It's possible to determine with high level of accuracy the current functional state of the body, different stages of pathological processes, as well as health problems that are only starting in the body and are impossible to detect using any conventional diagnosing method.

This mechanism of work allows determining the exact treatment routine of the patient that nips the problem in the bud and prevents it from developing into a condition with clinical symptoms becoming obvious. That way, S-Imago can be successfully used to prevent some diseases.

The final stage of express diagnosing involves selecting the best drug therapy for the patient. The computer selects homeopathic, para-pharmaceutical, allopathic and nutraceutical drugs for targeting the areas of tension in different parts of the body. This method allows choosing the most efficient remedy that fits the needs of the patient and helps them deal with the problem in fastest and most effective way.

Besides, the hardware-software package allows conducing bio-resonance therapy, preparing spectronosodes, which basically represent preparations made with the help of low-potency inverted impulses coming from the organ affected by the disease.

Many years of research made it possible to use this method for diagnosing and therapy of the patient. The following were the goals of that research:

  • to identify exactly which brain areas are responsible for specific body and organ functions;
  • to determine the connection between the intensity of the signal coming from the brain and the degree of pathological process happening in specific organs;
  • to create exact models of common diseases;
  • to gather statistical data on disease forms and stages based on two important parameters – age and sex, which allows for more accurate diagnosing when those two aspects are taken into consideration.

S-Imago is the first device that offers comprehensive diagnosing and treatment complex based on the patient's bio-energetic response and defense mechanisms. It allows:

  • diagnosing the current functional state of the person's physiological systems within a short period (no more than 1.5 hours);
  • detecting any health problems before the patients displays clinical symptoms;
  • determining and prescribing an individual treatment program;
  • offering basic treatment to the patient without the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

The use of S-Imago software-hardware package allows reducing the amount of time required for preliminary diagnosing, avoiding numerous and costly consultations, as well as lab tests to help the doctor make the right diagnosis based on those. The patient can also receive a list of lab tests required and highly specialized doctors to seek consultation from based on the diagnosis

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