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S-Imago features

You can use a S-Imago device and special diagnostic software that comes with it to:

  • perform comprehensive analysis of metabolic equilibrium (homeostasis)
  • detect the risk of developing any disease
  • detect disease already present in the body, as well as determine its possible cause
  • measure the activity of microflora
  • perform accurate microflora analysis, biochemical blood analysis and other noninvasive kinds of analysis that allow detecting presents of dangerous bacteria, microorganisms and viruses
  • analyze whether the patient it predisposed to some health problem and how much
  • detect potential allergens in the body
  • distinguish between organic and functional changes in the patient's organs
  • analyze acid/alkaline balance in the body
  • provide recommendations on the diet most suitable for the patient based the blood type (products to consume and exclude)
  • tailor the treatment to the needs of the patient and determine the most efficient dose of the medicine required (by using the bioresonance chamber)
  • take advantage of widerange filters of spectronosodes made by 24 leading manufacturers of dietary supplements connected to databases of any computer models
  • customize the entire database of dietary supplements for a specific company
  • take advantage of spectrograms of foods, medications, as well as different toxins (endogenous, production and household kinds)
  • search 1760 possible variants of treatments and choose selective remedy that would fit the patient's individual needs
  • take advantage of 1st frequency selector spectronosodes that contribute to the improvement of different skin conditions
  • take advantage of the database with digital structuring and drainage spectronosodes
  • take advantage of the 10200 spectrogram variations

Extra features:

  • Card index that facilitates working with the patient's data and analyzing it
  • Possibility of saving the card index data on an external storage device and sorting patients by alphabetical order
  • Automatic (daily or weekly) data archiving and possibility to reset entropic potential by neutralization of negative information
  • Possibility to create personal database thanks to customizable card index for different operators, by entering specific access code
  • Allows restricting access to spectrograms
  • Spectrograms of dietary supplements manufactured by 24 companies
  • Marked dosages of internal vegetative tests and pharmaceutical forms of packaged medical preparations
  • Spectrograms of healthy organs for determining what the therapy should be like at the final stage
  • The person operating the device has the possibility of presetting the way the data is organized: by body parts (pelvis, head, neck, limbs, belly or chest), systems and frequencies.
  • Possibility to listen to relaxing music with adjustable volume while examining the patient
  • The person operating the device has the possibility of switching to the build-in microphone to communicate with the patient: there is no need to take off the headset
  • The person operating the device can set the speed of the diagnosing process and define other parameters to suit the patient's needs.
  • The entire range of S-Imago devices and Imago software offer multitier protection against external attacks and unauthorized use. S-Imago is an internationally registered trademark.

S-Imago equipment has been certified and comes with a full set of official documents, such as user manual, certificate of quality, technical certificate and warranty certificate.

To sum up, the device has the following characteristics:

  • Full body scan
  • Accurate diagnosis of any disease and its causes
  • Detection of allergens and pathogens
  • Medical assessment and prognosis for one and 5 years
  • Efficient bio-resonance treatment (individual MORA therapy)
  • Standard active bio-resonance therapy (similar to BiCom)
  • Possibility to recommend an efficient treatment schedule. The software allows searching through the database of medications available and test any other drugs that may work well for the patient in the special chamber, predicting the way the medicine is going to affect the patient).
  • Possibility to create customized medical preparation for the patient (spectronosodes)
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