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Computer diagnostics

Computers are used for more efficient diagnosis more and more these days. This is one of the reasons computer diagnosing is a part of any treatment routine. We are going to help you learn more about how computers make the process of diagnosing a lot more accurate, fast and affordable. Since the moment of its appearance, S-Imago has become the leading computer diagnosing software that changed the approach to the entire problem, becoming a more efficient alternative to Oberon diagnosing.

This is how S-Imago diagnosing works: the method is based on the understanding every organ functions at a specific frequency. The device carefully analyses the condition of the organ based on the frequency it emits and compares the results against the standards. This is the most advanced method of non-invasive monitoring of the numerous processes inside the body that allows detecting the problem and prescribing the exact treatment required.

The use of S-Imago method allows reducing the time required to examine the patient and targeting the actual problem in most efficient way. Instead of looking for the problem, the patient can spend time getting consultations from highly specialized medical professionals.

The device parts are made in factories located in Moscow, Izhevsk, Omsk, Ryazan and Novosibirsk. Quality control of assembled devices is performed by the Systema company.

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