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Options of S-Imago commercial use

  • In medical centers, for examination and referring to highly specialized doctors. After the treatment is administered to the patient, consecutive examinations helps to evaluate the progress the patient made and make conclusions required for providing other recommendations to the patient.
  • Another purpose of its use may be on-site, at factories and other industrial facilities to establish whether the examinees are likely to develop any work-related conditions, as well as detecting risk groups and focusing on preventing any health problems from taking place.
  • S-Imago proved helpful for self-diagnosing and treatment, especially for the military (submarines, large ships etc) and childcare centers.
  • At drugstores, to make sure the correct dose has been prescribed to the patient, to make precisely balanced medicinal preparations and foresee any possible side effects.
  • At health resorts, before the patient receives the treatment and after the course.
  • In sports, to monitor the sportsman's condition before the event, as well as determining individual exercise treadmill, including before competitions.
  • In travel business, to determine the chances of potential relapse in case the person has an chronic disease.
  • For companies engaged in distribution of nutritional supplements or insurance medicine, to make sure the patient receives sufficient and safe treatment.
  • For constant monitoring and control over terminally ill patients, especially when it comes to experimental drugs they may need to try.
  • For psychosomatic treatment of patients with iatrogenic reactions.
  • In cases when surgical interference may be required, to make sure this is the only option that can help the patient.
  • To recommend a well-balanced diet based on the patient's blood type.
  • To organize prophylaxis events of public awareness (for instance, for helminthiasis).
  • To help see clearly how certain treatment benefits the patient by the means of colors and diagrams.
  • For scientific research based on examining samples of new medicinal preparations.
  • In spa centers and beauty salons.
  • At home for self-diagnosing.

S-Imago for home using:

After some training we are offering, you will have the possibility to self-diagnose using the device, as well as diagnose any health problems in your family members and friends, choosing suitable treatment based on the data collected. MORA-therapy gives you a unique possibility to maintain your health for many years ahead, detecting any potential risk factors and dealing with them quickly, without any need to be taking prescription or over-the-counter medications. Our device also allows testing food samples, which means you can adjust your diet to suit your body need. The bio-resonance chamber allows checking how a certain medicine will affect your body in just a few minutes. You may not be a trained medical specialist, but now with this device available, you can make sure you and your loved ones are protected against any health problems and will never have to start costly and often inefficient treatment.

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