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Bioresonance therapy

Bio-resonance therapy represents a branch of electromagnetic therapy. First introduced in Germany in 1977, it took quite a while to spread to other countries of the world due to lack of public acceptance of the concept. The inventors of the method – scientists Franz Morell and Erich Raschebut, named it after themselves, taking two first letters of every surname (MORA-therapy). Because Franz Morrell borrowed some ideas from Scientology, the early devices already contained electronic circuits that could measure skin resistance (similar to the E-meter in Scientology), but the idea was to improve it. It's important to keep in mind that bio-resonance therapy is nothing like electro acupuncture.

How it works

The practitioner starts by applying small electrodes on the surface of the skin. The device produces electrical current transmitted through the electrodes to clear out any energy blockages in the body. This effect is based on the concept body cells each have their healthy resonance. When this resonance is disrupted in some way, an illness is likely to occur. This method is not viewed as scientifically proven by classical medicine, which us why it's commonly classified as alternative medicine.

Often, due to the fact there are so many devices around emitting all kinds of currents and impulses, one session is not enough to interpret the results correctly and treat the patient. A few sessions may be required for the response to be read properly and be interpreted accurately. The device is used along with a PC, since computerized analysis helps to review multiple parameters and make a conclusion based on them. Based on those results, the practitioner is able to make correct assessment of the patient's mental and physical state.

Health practitioners using this method claim they can alter cell resonance restoring the balance disrupted by the disease. The device helps to pinpoint any large blockages in the cells and tissues between them, based on the combination of impulses received from the body through the electrodes. The device can invert the signals received from cells and organs affected, that way boosting the immune system and helping the body get rod of chronic conditions by using its own curative powers, only intensified and redirected. The best thing about this method is that the practitioner can cure, not just relieve, many diseases without any need for prescription or over-the-counter medications. The very concept of pathological changes and signals sent by cells and organs is somewhat similar to the concepts employed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Diagnosing the problem

Here are some of the symptoms and problems practitioners using this method can detect:

  • hormonal disorders
  • energy level
  • adrenal activity
  • cell oxygen level
  • stress
  • immunity response
  • mental health
  • vitamin deficiencies

Diseases and disorders that can be cured with this method (based on a placebo study that involved a group of 20 people):

  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  • chronic pain
  • hormonal problems
  • chronic allergies
  • stress
  • sleep problems (insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea etc)
  • psychosomatic conditions
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