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Bio-resonance therapy for helping the patient quit smoking

S-Imago bio-resonance therapy has been used for a while now to help patients suffering from chronic allergies and many other conditions to recover fully. Another way it can help is by making sure the patient stops smoking once and for all.

S-Imago quit-smoking therapy has an amazing success rate of 70%-90% depending on every patient's individual factors.

According to the statistics, about 70% of people that smoke would like to quit. In fact, half of those people attempt to stop smoking every year, with less than 5% of attempts being successful. Nicotine addiction is the reason so few people find the power to quit, since nicotine was proved to be several times more addictive than heroin.

When you attempt to stop smoking, there is a period of recovery your body requires, for all the toxins to leave the system. However, due to numerous environmental factors, the ability of our body to get rid of those are limited. It's also during this period when the patient experiences most heavy cravings for nicotine, and the fact it's taking your body so long makes it almost impossible to kick the habit once and for all.

S-Imago therapy helps your body get rid of the toxins within a very limited period, helping you kick the addiction to nicotine and getting rid of all the chemicals accumulated in the system, which means you don’t have to fail before you finally succeed.

Nicotine and some other chemicals a cigarette contains have their very own patterns of impulses sent to the organs and cells. Those electromagnetic impulses are so powerful, the patient may experience cravings long after your have quit, and even after all the toxins have left your body.

Bio-resonance therapy is a perfect solution in this situation, as the treatment involves direct interference with nicotine's electromagnetic patterns and removing the dependency. Since your cravings for nicotine stop, you can quit smoking without suffering and making any effort.

Another purpose of this therapy is to make sure your lungs and liver can get rid of toxins easier, and your overall health condition improves significantly, helping you to enjoy your life on a completely new level.

In a few words, bio-resonance therapy can help you kick that addiction once and for all!

Before starting the treatment and after it

Before making an appointment

  • Your therapy will be more successful if you observe the following recommendations:

Three to four days before starting the treatment

  • You have to drink at least 2 liters of water, for example filtered or bottled water.

The water you drink will facilitate passing of the electromagnetic signals to the cells. That way, your cells and your body in general will be able to receive the info-energetic impulses coming from the device, eliminating the toxins from the body in a safe and efficient way.

On the day before starting your therapy
  • Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages

On the day of your therapy starting:

  • You have to make sure you avoid the following products:
    1. tea, including peppermint tea
    2. medications to relieve inflammation, as well as painkillers and aspirin (unless directed otherwise by your doctor)
    3. alcoholic beverages
    4. coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine
  • Also, make sure you do not have a substantial meal right before the therapy.

What you can count on after your therapy:

Most people that went through the treatment discover they no longer experience nicotine cravings and do not have any withdrawal symptoms, which typically appear if you stop smoking using any of the other known techniques. Some patients may experience certain cravings, but those are likely to subside over the next 24 hours, as their cells regain their original healthy state, reprogramming themselves.

During 2 weeks following the treatment you, will have to keep on drinking plenty of water (at least 2 liters daily), because your body will need it to effectively eliminate all the toxins you have accumulated over the years. This process may take longer for some patients.

Your body will eliminate the toxins via your skin and kidneys. You may notice your skin smells weird, or when you take a shower or bath, the water may acquire a somewhat brown color: those are the toxins leaving the body. There may be other symptoms of the therapy working, such as upset stomach, headache, metallic taste in the mouth, sluggishness, fatigue and sweaty palms. All those symptoms are normal indicators of your body is going through a phase of self-detoxification.

The symptoms may be different and vary in intensity for different patients. However, they will most probably subside after two to three days without any need to worry. You will have to continue drinking at least 2 liters of water during the entire period (at least 2 weeks) as recommended, even if those detoxification symptoms stop. Lack of symptoms doesn't mean all the toxins have left the body, and some support on your part may still be required.

Your doctor will supply you with special medications that bear all the information required for your body to keep detoxifying itself, for your cells to go back to their healthy state. Those drugs have info-energetic effects and will help your body 'remember' the therapy for the next 4 weeks. This will ensure the efficiency of your therapy, supporting the process of detoxification and preventing any possible cravings from reappearing. To deal with stress you may experience, your doctor may supply you with special drops.

You will have to avoid places where people are smoking and where you can be exposed to tobacco, such as night clubs, bars etc, during 24 hours following the therapy.

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