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Bio-resonance anti-smoking therapy

S-Imago bio-resonance therapy demonstrated amazing results by helping patients quit smoking with success rate of approximately 80%.


Bio-resonance therapy is a natural treatment method that has no contraindications or side effects and does not cause pain of any kind. S-Imago provides the patient with an opportunity to kick the nasty habit for good without making any effort.

Bio-resonance therapy is completely computer controlled and safe. If compared to any other methods available, it's the most natural way to stop smoking. The effects of S-Imago are based on reading specific electromagnetic impulses from the cells, organs and tissues and determining any deviations from the standards. Those signals are sent to the device, inverted and sent back to the body, this time as healing impulses originating from within the body. Patients often report improved breathing while going through the treatment, which means the effects of the device are real.

Bio-resonance therapy helps the body get rid of the nicotine and any toxins at the same time taking away the nicotine craving, which is the primary reason most people are unable to quit smoking.

Bio-resonance therapy helps the patient quit smoking without sending any generated electrical charges, while the electrodes are used as a way to transmit information. The body's own energy is used to achieve healthy balance and self-regulation without any external interference.

This may be the therapy for anyone who has been trying to get rid of the habit without much success. The one thing you need to do is bring a cigarette to have the last smoke, which is an integral part of the therapy.

It's important to drink plenty of water daily, two days before starting the treatment, on the day you see your doctor and for two days after the treatment is over. This is so important because S-Imago will be eliminating toxins from the body. It's also a good idea to reduce the consumption of such stimulants as coffee, tea, alcohol and sugar, increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet to keep up your new healthy eating habits when you stop smoking.

After the very first consultation, the patient is usually asked to smoke the last cigarette. This is important as a part of the therapy, which normally takes about 30 minutes and follows the last cigarette smoked.

In about eight hours, the toxins (including carbon monoxide) will be eliminated from the body. You will need to drink all that water to facilitate the process.

Besides bio-resonance therapy, S-Imago offers other benefits to the patient using it to quit smoking. It can prepare electronic homeopathic treatments that help to fight tobacco craving and remove harmful substances from the patient's body.

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