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Advantages over other devices

S-Imago Other bio-resonance devices
Floating generator that changes frequency rate depending on the patient examined High-frequency devices putting constant of stress on the patient
Establishes the causes of a condition due to 12-frequency selector, that way increasing the level of accuracy by 30% Just 9 frequency selectors that significantly limit the probability of establishing the causes of the condition
Magneto-optical chamber for testing medications that increases the accuracy of testing by 47% without unpacking them Resonance chamber to test medications. The medications tested have to come without their packaging
Titanium and surgical steel sensors. Although more expensive, provide for a higher level of accuracy. Brass sensors or no sensors at all
From 60 to 500 patented SBA headset sensors of the new generation. Trigger sensors that require special manual adjustment.
Three-tier automatic and manual calibration depending on the current position and magnetic field Factory-calibrated sensor, which decreases the level of accuracy during the examination
Operator recognition mode available The device is unable to recognize any difference between the patient and the person operating it
Direct biofeedback Direct biofeedback unavailable
CE quality certificate (certified in the European Union as medical equipment) Device may not have certification required
Successful trials over a period of 10 days demonstrated durability of the device even when intensively used High probability of reduced level of accuracy over the period of operation
Assembled in a factory in compliance with ISO standards Assembled manually, most often in small workshops
Neutralization of negative information helps the device operator avoid harmful health effects This option unavailable
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