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S-Imago - medical equipment for full bioresonance diagnostic of human body

Bioresonance therapy is an alternative method to diagnose variety of health problems of patient (read more). It's a non-invasive method, which means patient does not have to worry about any risks associated with endoscopic examination or other techniques often used. S-Imago has been designed for a wide range of purposes, from exact and accurate diagnosis of patient's current health condition to determining the risk of developing certain diseases. It can easily detect viruses, bacterial infections and even helminthes, at the same time it causes unique therapeutic effects on body and aids faster recovery.(read more).


Our equipment will be sure to get the attention of health-conscious customers thanks to its unique characteristics and wide range of possibilities. It will be perfect for a small private business or large company providing health services. S-Imago can play a crucial role in helping the patients restore their health, which is why we are always open to cooperation with those interested. Our goal is not just to sell this equipment, but also train medical personnel to operate it properly, provide consultations and offer other services you will find useful. You can refer to Business module for more information.

Description of S-Imago device models.

S-Imago 60 (70) S-Imago 100 (110) S-Imago 500 (510)
Complex S-60 Complex S-100 Complex S-500
S-60 enables to make the Imago diagnostic and test different specimens: dietary supplements, allopathies, homeopathies, phytotherapies, nutraceuticals of different companies. There is modes of Mora-therapy of organs and focuses...
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S-100 is one of the most attractive models on price/quality/abilities ratio and the most popular model. S-100 works in a high frequency diapason. There is the sensors of the head turning, it allows to form biological feedback...
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S-500 is the best model of the S-Imago. The device is graded to the business class. S-500 works in a high and ultrahigh frequency diapason. There is a "floating" generator...
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